Great City Games

Here at Hoops we don’t just want to help you find new sporting and fitness opportunities, we want to grow your love for sport too. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look ahead to the Great City Games, the athletics event that takes over Manchester’s streets once every year.


If you’re familiar with Manchester then you’ll know Deansgate, the city centre street book-ended by the Arndale and Beetham Tower, lined with high-street shops, restaurants and the iconic John Rylands library.

But that isn’t all Deansgate offers.

For one, it’s the home of Hoops. Call in and see us some time!

But that’s not all it plays host to. Once a year, the street is closed, and the bustling city life it is used to is transformed by the world of athletics.

The Great City Games isn’t like other athletics meets, laying its running track down a busy city centre road, with jumping events hosted in front of the town hall on St Anne’s Square a couple of streets away.

A whole host of star names from the worlds of sport and disability have graced the competition since its inception in 2009, including the big catch himself in the first year, when global superstar Usain Bolt sprinted down Deansgate to cement the Games’ reputation.


“This is the future of the sport”

Another of those famous backers is Greg Rutherford – long jump gold medalist at the London Olympics in 2012 and a constant presence at the event in recent years.

“I’ve been a huge believer that street athletics is the future of athletics,” Rutherford told the Great City Games website.

“Street athletics is something that is completely different and showcases the events in the most wonderful way.

“You could be at the pub or out shopping and they will come over and watch, it’s a bit of a party atmosphere, as athletes we love it, we look forward to it every year.

“I literally fly home early from my training camps in America to be ready for this event. It is hugely important and something that hopefully will be going on for many years.

“This is the future of the sport – we should have this in more cities around the world. Get people excited about athletics again, because we love doing it.

“I’d happily do these and no other events if I could just jump in street athletics because they are that much fun.”


What’s in store this year?

Popular with the athletes, accessible to the public – what’s not to love?

Rutherford returns for this year’s event, leading a field crammed with the cream of British athletics and world stars such as veteran  Saint Kitts and Nevis sprinter Kim Collins.

The event takes place on the evening of Friday 26 May, so if you’re in the area get yourself down.

And if you do, keep your eye out for Hoops, and give us a wave if you see us!


What’s next?

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