GoFest North Hoops

GoFest North: Hoops join a Manchester debut to remember

The second and final GoFest of the summer brought the super-inclusive festival of sport up north for a Manchester debut, its first appearance away from home territory in Guildford. Hoops were there to help make it a memorable occasion…   … Read More

Great City Games

The Great City Games: When athletics comes to Manchester’s streets

Here at Hoops we don’t just want to help you find new sporting and fitness opportunities, we want to grow your love for sport too. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look ahead to the Great City Games, the … Read More

Futsal the modern day street football

Futsal: The modern-day street football

Hoops is here to help you manage your sport and fitness obligations, and to find new opportunities. To help you do that, we’re going to be investigating activities which are a little off the beaten path. This week we’re taking … Read More