What are Hoops Connect's partners up to in 2018

GoFest, Maias Netball, Switch, Projekts: What are Hoops Connect’s partners up to?

Here at Hoops Connect we’re expecting 2018 to be a massive year for the app, as we told you about at the beginning of the month. But it’s also going to be an important time for our many partners. So, … Read More

Hoops Connect events near you

Hoops Connect: What sport is happening near you?

People all around the country are looking to take up new sports in a bid to lose weight and get fit for the new year. But how many of us are aware of the opportunities in our communities? That’s where … Read More

Hoops Connect's New Year's Resolutions

Chapter 9: Hoops Connect’s New Year’s resolution

As those dedicated Hoops Connect fans among you already know, we’ve been chronicling the life of a start-up company since we kicked off this blog back in October 2016. In Chapter 9, we take a look at what we have … Read More

Hoops Connect ambassadors' Christmas routines

Hoops Connect’s ambassadors share their Christmas training routines

For most of us, Christmas means indulgence, with diets and exercise regimes thrown out of the window in favour of chocolate, booze and roast potatoes. But elite athletes don’t have that luxury. We talked to the Hoops Connect ambassadors to … Read More

Hoops Hangouts

Hoops Hangouts: Jonas on our partners and ambassadors

As a young start-up company, we know how important it is that we offer you something different. And while we believe that our app is a unique resource for organising, discovering and participating in sport, we want to do something … Read More

Train Liek a Pro competition basketball Richard Bell

COMPETITION: Do your skills match up to Manchester Giants’ Richard Bell?

Here at Hoops Connect we’ve been working hard to build a team of excellent ambassadors, and now it’s time to put them to work. It’s competition time. And this one’s pretty special…   All this week we’re going to be sharing … Read More

Richard Bell British Basketball League Hoops Connect

Richard Bell: “There’s more talent in the BBL this year”

Here at Hoops we’re committed to bringing you the most informative and motivational content possible – after all, we want you to love sport as much as we do! But we don’t know everything. So we’re going to be enlisting … Read More

Switch Hoops Connect partnership blog post

Switch: “It’s a blank canvas for creativity”

Here at Hoops we love to making new friends and finding interesting new sports. So when we heard about Switch, we had to get in touch and introduce ourselves! Fortunately, founder Danny Hibbert liked the sound of Hoops too, so … Read More

VX World Cup Hoops Connect

VX World Cup: Hoops partners take sport to Italy

We have so much respect for our partners at VX for creating a new sport and building it from the ground up. And it’s because of that innovation that their World Cup in Italy this year – the first they … Read More

Hoops Connect partners: BallOut, GoFest, Manchester Futsal Club, TagRev, The Football Hour, VX

Ball Out, GoFest, MFC, TagRev, VX… Meet the Hoops partners!

One of the great things about working n the sports industry is that we get to meet so many amazing and inspirational people. Here, we profile those who we’re proud to have as official Hoops Connect partners.    Ball Out … Read More