Fitness Firsts Hoops

Fitness Firsts: Running – 7 things you wish you knew before you started

We all have to start somewhere right? Whether you’ve never ran before in your life, or you’ve been out for a long time due to an injury, that first run is never fun. Here’s a few things to remember before … Read More

Hoops Heroes Eric Douglin

Hoops Heroes: Eric Douglin – basketball coach, tournament organiser, kidney disease survivor

In March we launched our Hoops Heroes competition, as we look to recognise the amazing work that people around the country are putting in to ensure others can enjoy sport. And in the first week of April we announced our inspirational … Read More

6 best free workouts

6 best ways to get a free workout

Times are tough, and many of us are counting the pennies. We get it. When purse strings are being tightened, gym memberships and fitness classes are often the first thing to get the chop. However, that doesn’t have to mean … Read More

Five excuses why people skip their workouts

5 top reasons why people skip their workouts

No matter how much we here at Hoops want you to get active, you need to want it yourself. Of course, it’s not always that simple. Just because you tell yourself you want something, it doesn’t mean you can master … Read More