Women in sport

Women’s sport: Are England’s summer successes a game-changer?

A memorable summer of women’s sport has seen England teams march into the public limelight with more purpose than ever before. But how much of a lasting impact will the successes of England’s cricket and footballing women make on the … Read More

BatFast: "We can make cricket accessible for everybody"

BatFast: “We can make cricket more accessible for everybody”

Hoops are having a great time sponsoring GoFest this summer, and we can’t wait for the festival to travel to Manchester on June 24th. We’ll be partnering with cricket company BatFast, as they use their bowling simulator to get kids interested … Read More

Cricket: What does the future hold?

Cricket: What does the future hold?

Here at Hoops, we’re not just interested in the here and now of sport, we want to know what the future holds as well. So we’re going to be talking to people involved in the industry to find out how … Read More