Our Partners

Ball Out 3×3

UK's biggest 3X3 streeball tournament

The country’s number one 3×3 basketball tournament – a registered FIBA World Tour qualifier no less – we’ve been sold on the vision of Ball Out founder Julius Joseph ever since we first met him in April 2017.

“It’s a new idea, so it’s something that I take pride in pioneering throughout the country and trying to bring a new form of basketball forward”

And after seeing the tournament in full-swing, we know that Ball Out are onto something good. Look out for them on the app later in 2017.

VX International

VX International

A new sport built from “a little lacrosse, a pinch of pelota, a dash of dodgeball and a hint of hockey”, VX isn’t like anything you’ll have seen before. And that’s why we’re determined to help spread the word.

Founder Paul Hildreth came up with the sport almost by accident back in 2006, and has since worked tirelessly to get people playing – and boy has he done that, from schools across the country to World Cups featuring teams from Uganda to India!


Urban Sports And Music Events

The Anti-Gravity Revolution (TagRev for short) is the work of Stephen Graham, a basketball coach looking to bring American training methods to the British market.

Sometimes in business you come across somebody who genuinely wants to help you as much as he wants something back, and you know you’re onto a winner.

And that’s why we’re so happy to have the TagRev camps on Hoops Connect – and will work on other exciting things with Stephen in the future.

Manchester Futsal Club


MFC chairman Simon Wright describes Futsal as “the modern-day street football”. And with his club at the forefront of the sport in Britain, we’re right on board.

We will be collaborating with MFC on various events and incentives to bring more awareness to the sport of Futsal. Watch this space.



Another exciting new sport of which Hoops Connect will be working to increase the profile, Switch has been spreading around London schools like wildfire.

The birth-child of ex-football coach Danny Hibbert, Switch combines skills from football, handball and volleyball in a dynamic team game.

Maias Netball


In Roman mythology Maia is a nymph who embodies growth. So when our ambassador Laura Malcolm started her own netball coaching business, Maias was the perfect name.

Our Ambassadors

These people help us raise awareness to various sports and contribute to getting people active and discovering something new.

Brigita Bonas

Bikini Athlete, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and Designer

Brigita Bonas is a Bikini Athlete, Fitness Model and Nutritionist amongst other things based in Manchester. Brigita has been sharing her knowledge with us since the early days of the Hoops Connect blog.

And though she recently embarked on a career as an architect, she’ll still be dropping in every now and then to provide us with her fitness advice and workout routines.

Richard Bell

Professional Basketball Player for Manchester Giants

The 6’9” Manchester Giants power forward was our first ambassador, and his blogs detailing the life of a professional sportsman are among the most widely read on our website.

Going into his second season in the British Basketball League Richard is hoping to make an even bigger impact than he did in his rookie year, and we’ll be hearing from him throughout.

Jack Downs

Professional Rugby League Player for Hull FC

Jack is an exciting young rugby league talent, who is on the verge of making himself a staple in the Hull FC first team after a handful of appearances over the last couple of years.

After hearing about the Hoops Connect project, Jack eagerly signed up as an ambassador – so look out for further collaborations coming soon!

Laura Malcolm

Professional Netball Player

As well as being an England international and Super League netballer, Laura Malcolm is sharing her elite experiences with the next generation of girls through her business Maias Netball – see above in our partners section!

With our shared goals, there’s no-one better to represent Hoops Connect in netball. Good to have you Laura!

Toby Penty

Professional Badminton Player

Toby is one of the country’s leading badminton talents, and joined the Hoops Connect team after a stunning run of form in the summer of 2017, in which he won tournaments in Sweden and Ukraine.

Jack Richardson

Professional Polo Player

As one of the top polo players in the UK, Jack makes a living travelling around the world to play for teams in countries from Argentina to India – and plenty of places in between!

Miraculously he can still find the time to represent Hoops Connect, so keep your eyes peeled for polo fun on the app.