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The second and final GoFest of the summer brought the super-inclusive festival of sport up north for a Manchester debut, its first appearance away from home territory in Guildford. Hoops were there to help make it a memorable occasion…


After Hoops made our GoFest debut down in Guildford, we couldn’t wait to give it a second crack up here on home turf in Manchester.

The Etihad Campus provided the top-class facilities that hosted hundreds more happy families and enthusiastic exhibitors.

And although the famous Manchester rain made its best attempt at dampening spirits, it was great to see so many children smiling and trying sports regardless.

It was another successful festival for Hoops too, with record-breaking impressions and engagement across our social channels.

Even better, we met even more super people who we can hopefully work with in the coming weeks, months and years.

Which leads us nicely into…


Hoops <3 VX

Ever since we met VX founder Paul Hildreth at GoFest South last month, we’ve been working on how we can collaborate together.

After speaking again in Manchester this weekend, we can proudly say that partnership is one step closer to being cemented.

VX is an excellent sport – fun, competitive and full of moral lessons for young competitors. It has a huge future, and Hoops want to be there for every step of the ride.

Oh, and Cath beat Andy as some form of revenge for his victory in Guildford, as you can watch below…

That’s all we can reveal on this front for the time being… but click here to catch up with our interview with Paul from earlier this month.


Did you miss GoFest?

We can’t lie, you’ve missed out.

But don’t worry too much, we’ve got your back.

The Public Beta version of Hoops is already in app stores and waiting for you to check it out – just search Hoops Connect – and we’ll be coming with Version 1 very soon.

So, if you wish you could have been at GoFest to indulge yourself by trying as many new sports as you can over the space of one weekend, just download Hoops, and you can find new opportunities any place, any time.

If you need reminding what GoFest is, you can read our interview with founder Paul here.


What next?

Hoops is now available in app stores, so you can use us to find opportunities for any sport or fitness activity you can think of. Simply click here to download the app for Android, and here for iOS – or search for Hoops Connect.

Just because Hoops is out, it doesn’t mean that our work ends. In fact, it’s only just beginning. So, if you want to keep up with how we’re driving the app forwards, click here to subscribe to our emails, and follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, PinterestLinkedInMedium and even on Spotify. We’re everywhere, and hopefully we’ll be on your phone soon too!

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