As those dedicated Hoops fans among you already know, we’ve been chronicling the life of a start-up company since we kicked off this blog back in October. After seven months of toil, set-backs, Eureka moments and tears, we’re set for the most important two months our company will ever see. In Chapter Six, we’re here to tell you why…


Public beta release

As we speak, the lucky few who signed up for early access to Hoops are using it for the first time.

That’s right, our public beta has been released – and you can be sure that the official release won’t be too far behind.

We won’t lie, when we announced that we were close to the release back in February, we weren’t expecting it to be May when it actually happened…

But that’s the beauty of a start-up company, it is hard to accurately predict these things, but it’s allowed us to put out a product that we’re really happy with.

And this is where the real hard work begins. With the app out there in the world, it’s our job to make sure that we listen to you and adapt Hoops so it works for the user. That means we need you!

If you have early access we’d love for you to get in touch and let us know what you think.

And if you’re waiting eagerly for the finished product, then the same applies – when you get into the app, feel free to drop us a line on to tell us what you think we’re doing well, and more importantly where we can improve.



In March we struck a deal to sponsor the fantastic, super-inclusive sports festival GoFest this summer.

That means we’ll be going to their Guildford and Manchester events – on the 28th and 29th of May and the 24th and 25th June respectively – to help them introduce sport to children and families.

How cool is that?

You can read more about GoFest, and their partnership with Hoops, right here.


New hire

Hoops is continuing to grow, and this month we’ve been delighted to welcome Cath Shanks to the team.

Cath is a social media expert who will be helping us to connect with Hoopsters everywhere in a more direct and conversational manner.

What does that mean? Expect videos, live streams and a massive surge of impetus into our social channels.

In her first two weeks our interaction rates have rocketed across every platform, so we’re pretty confident we made the right hire!

Not only that, but she’s a pretty handy footballer too – she wrote us a blog post so we could find out more.


Anything else?

It really has been a busy couple of months.

We’ve shared some content on our blog that we’re rather proud of, ranging from an interview with Olympic silver medalist Roger Black to Hoops’ own Andy Donley trying his hand at pole dancing!

As well as that we’ve somehow found the time to create our #HoopsHeroes competition, and have been delighted to announce Eric Douglin and Caithy Walker as our first two winners. Congrats guys!

We have loads of ideas to not just grow Hoops as an app, but as a brand as well, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting content coming soon!


What’s next?

Hoops is now available in app stores, so you can use us to find opportunities for any sport or fitness activity you can think of. Simply click here to download the app for Android, and here for iOS – or search for Hoops Connect.

Just because Hoops is out, it doesn’t mean that our work ends. In fact, it’s only just beginning. So, if you want to keep up with how we’re driving the app forwards, click here to subscribe to our emails, and follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, PinterestLinkedInMedium and even on Spotify. We’re everywhere, and hopefully we’ll be on your phone soon too!

Jump in.

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