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Here at Hoops we’re committed to bringing you the most informative and motivational content possible – after all, we want you to love sport as much as we do! But we don’t know everything. So we’re going to be enlisting the help of regular columnists to help us fill in the gaps.

This week, personal trainer and fitness model Brigita Bonas tells us why you shoud be looking at introducing new sports and exercises into your workout routine.


Everyone will have a favourite sport or method of working out, usually depending on personality, interests and social factors.

It’s only natural to focus on doing what you enjoy.

But I think it’s important that people realise the benefits of trying new things and mixing up work-out routines regularly.

Muscles get used to the same exercise, so if work-outs are modified every couple of months it means that they will develop faster and in a more rounded fashion.

By more rounded, I mean that you’ll develop a more complete level of fitness.

Have you ever felt really confident about your physical state, rocking the gym five times a week, and then being totally smashed into the ground after a hot yoga session, which was a piece of cake to your hardly-fit friend?

Muscle size isn’t the only indication of fitness, which I think an increasing number of people are forgetting.



“Mountains of muscle on weak cores”

This is nothing new and many people see physical development skin-deep.

There is so much more to getting fit than just a big lump of muscle on your arms until you can’t even bend them. The phenomenon of manly guns overcoming functionality of the body is seriously distorted.

Admittedly, as a fitness model, I am one of those athletes competing exactly for the definition and size of muscle, I need to build up this external thick layer of muscles.

But I’d much rather sacrifice nice and fast muscle growth in order to challenge my body from all possible aspects, even though it is much harder work.

Often those mountain-like gym fellows you see are putting themselves in danger of injuries such as slipped discs in their backs because they are sculpting a huge muscular façade on a weak core.


Brigita Bonas

“Flexibility exercises aren’t lazy – and they aren’t just for ladies!”

So, what exercises can people do to attain this well-rounded workout? The possibilities are endless.

Pilates is a great one for increasing flexibility and strengthening the core to help people avoid pain in the ass injuries.

Many of those gym fellows don’t give a damn about their flexibility, thinking it’s just a lazy type of exercise for ladies. And it’s a shame because no massage will replace a nice stretch in a dance class.

Cardio and breathing go together nicely and prepares your body for anything from cycling to work to not falling behind in that hiking marathon you’ve been planning with your friends.

I love Bikram yoga, the combination of the heat and the deep stretches really hones the ability of your body.

And then for those who struggle to motivate themselves to get fit, why not use a team sport?

It is hard to be physically healthy when you feel down mentally and need someone to cheer you up. Heading to the football pitch after work with your mates should help you stop thinking about exercise as a chore, and fit in some extra socialising time as well!

As you can see there is a whole bunch of reasons why to not stick to one type of training and to try out something new. Even if you’re not concerned about physical benefits, sport is a great way of getting out of the house and meeting new people.

That’s why I can’t wait for more of you guys to register with Hoops Connect today and let me and others discover far more sports near me!


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