Five excuses why people skip their workouts

No matter how much we here at Hoops want you to get active, you need to want it yourself. Of course, it’s not always that simple. Just because you tell yourself you want something, it doesn’t mean you can master those demons and motivate yourself to make it happen. Here, we look at five common excuses for dodging your workout – and point out why they shouldn’t get in the way of your workout.


“I’m too tired”

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Getting up early isn’t fun, and it’s so much easier to press snooze a few dozen times. Heading to the gym after a long day’s work can soon go out of the window if your boss has been playing up again. Putting your muscles through their paces when they’re still aching from yesterday’s efforts is never pleasant.

The key here is discipline. If you’ve committed to a workout regime or a new sport, it’s because you chose to. And if you chose to, it’s because you wanted to. Don’t give up on those aims just because it’s the easy option.


“Working out is boring”

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Do you find jogging boring? Don’t get the hype over spinning classes? Yoga relax you so much it sends you to sleep?

They key here is to find something that excites you. If you don’t like running, go swimming. If you don’t like swimming, play five-a-side football. If you’ve got two left feet, sign up for Zumba.

The opportunities are endless, and with Hoops you can find all of the sports and fitness events near you at the touch of a button.


“Exercise is too expensive”

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Some fitness classes and sports clubs can be a little pricey. But even disregarding the proliferation of budget gym chains like Pure, that simply isn’t an excuse. You can get fit for free.

Something simple like switching to cycling into work will increase your fitness no end. You don’t have a bike? Then run! Even walking fast can help burn calories.

At home, a regime of press-ups and sit-ups work most of the muscles in the upper body, and yoga tutorials are available for free on the internet that will take you from beginner level to more advanced postures.


“I just don’t have the time”

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There’s so much to pack into modern life, it’s easy to set exercise on the back-burner. But with 24 hours in the day, you’d have to be the parent of lots of children to claim you can’t even set ten minutes a day aside for exercise.

Simple exercise regimes completed at home like those listed above can be worked into hectic regimes – 30 press-ups on your lunch break, ten minutes of yoga before breakfast, two minutes of planking while an obliging partner brushes your teeth for you…


“I simply cannot be bothered”

Well, at least you’re being honest now. This five word sentence is at the root of 99% of excuses. And the fact is that the easy option holds that title for a very good reason – it is easier.

But where’s the fun in taking the easy option? If you weren’t motivated to get fit you wouldn’t be having this debate in the first place – and you wouldn’t be reading this article – so turn off the TV, put away the Pringles and get fit!


What’s next?

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