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Easily create and share sporting events

Create a sporting event in 3 easy steps, invite people, make it recurring and let Hoops deal with the rest. Say goodbye to all the headaches that come with organising, maintaining and tracking your events and players.


Have quality games and classes

Organised a sporting event but barely anyone showed up? With Hoops, all your dropouts are automatically replaced with people in the waiting list, so you would’t have to worry about not having a full team anymore.

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Event Finances – sorted

We know that chasing people for money can be awkward and there is always that one guy who forgets to pay and then you, the organiser, is left to pay the bill.

With Hoops, all your finances are sorted when a participant pays through the app to reserve his/her spot. What this means? Organiser gets paid, participant is guaranteed a spot on the team and everyone’s happy! Of course, you can always choose to do it old-school and collect cash on site.

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